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Three Decades of Impact

For the past 30 years, the shared Jewish-Arab nonprofit Sikkuy-Aufoq has worked to bring an end to the longstanding discrimination and ongoing inequality between the Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel in order to lay the foundation for a truly shared society. Read more about our work and click on the timeline for the details.

Timeline: 1991 - 2021

30 Years of History

In many ways, our journey over the past 30 years mirrors the process Arab and Jewish citizens and relations has undergone these past three decades. From material equality to a shared society - read more here.

Date: December 1, 2021

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On December 1, Sikkuy-Aufoq celebrated 30 years since its founding with a hybrid in person and online event celebrating the work we have done over the past three decades to advance equality between Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and create a shared society in Israel.

Watch the event!

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Sikkuy-Aufoq was founded in 1991 as the first shared Jewish-Arab advocacy organization. Its founding marked the first time Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens together created an organization working  for equality using advocacy tools targeting policy change on a national level. For the past year, we’ve been digitizing archival documents tracing key moments from our 30-year history. Read more about the organization’s history and the ways it reflects the larger history of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, and stay tuned as our digital archive makes its way online.


Sikkuy-Aufoq is proud to launch a year-long collaboration with the Arab-Jewish Cultural Center Beit HaGefen that will invite Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens to explore the meaning of shared society through their art.

In 1991, an Arab and a Jew formed a shared nonprofit. What has changed since, and how do those changes reflect the changing relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens in society at large? Watch our story.

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