Three Decades of Impact

For the past 30 years, the shared Jewish-Arab nonprofit Sikkuy-Aufoq has worked to bring an end to the longstanding discrimination and ongoing inequality between the Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel in order to lay the foundation for a truly shared society. Read more about our work and click on the timeline for the details.

Timeline: 1991 - 2021

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Sikkuy-Aufoq's 30th Anniversary Event

Thank you for joining us on December 1 for a beautiful event. In case you missed it, click below to watch the recording.

Date: December 1, 2021

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On December 1, Sikkuy-Aufoq celebrated 30 years since its founding with a hybrid in person and online event celebrating the work we have done over the past three decades to advance equality between Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and create a shared society in Israel.

Watch the event!

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Sikkuy-Aufoq was founded in 1991 as the first shared Jewish-Arab advocacy organization. Its founding marked the first time Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens together created an organization working  for equality using advocacy tools targeting policy change on a national level. For the past year, we’ve been digitizing archival documents tracing key moments from our 30-year history. Read more about the organization’s history and the ways it reflects the larger history of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, and stay tuned as our digital archive makes its way online.


Sikkuy-Aufoq is proud to launch a year-long collaboration with the Arab-Jewish Cultural Center Beit HaGefen that will invite Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens to explore the meaning of shared society through their art.

In 1991, an Arab and a Jew formed a shared nonprofit. What has changed since, and how do those changes reflect the changing relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens in society at large? Watch our story.